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tooth(1)Welcome to Evacryl's website, where you can see exactly what we sell and contact us for further information and to order goods.

I am Peter Lawson and I set up Evacryl Dental Supply Company in 1970. My original purpose was to manufacture acrylic teeth, but this was overtaken by a diversification into selling different types of dental laboratory equipment for all types of technicians. Over the years the company has grown and acquired some very important agencies. Evacryl is pleased to offer a fine range of dental laboratory equipment along with some very high specification materials.  One of the company's greatest strengths is the speed at which it responds to customers' orders and queries.  Evacryl has a wealth of knowledge with regard to the particular requirements of dental technicians and I pride myself on my ability to source highly specialised pieces of equipment and spare parts at reasonable prices.  Many of our products are also of interest to the jewellery, conservation trades, glass engraving and allied trades.



I can be contacted by phone after 1pm on weekday afternoons should you wish to discuss your requirements in greater detail.