NSK handpiece

Very high quality and reliable unit. Suitable for all types of work. 0 - 50,000 rpm, brushless unit.

hand control unit (AA56)

NSK hand control unit

Knee control unit (AA58)

NSK knee control unit

Foot control unit (AA57)

NSK foot control unit

ECO 1000 (AA59)

Eco 1000 micromotor

A simple and economic unit with a large display.  Speeds between 1,000 and 5,000 rpm. Operated by a hand or a foot control.

RAM (AA60)

Ram micromotor

Standard lab handpiece - 35,000 rpm

  •  4 sealed ball bearings
  •  Excellent torque
  •  Plastic insulated grip
  •  Rear air vents
  •  Exterior chuck
  •  Twist type quick release
  •  Dust sealed protection


The micromotor contrrol box is made with American technology. The control box circulatory design provides smooth constant power at speeds from 0 - 35,000 rpm. Excellent protection for thermal overload and current limiting. With the flip of a switch the operator can select from several option, either hand or foot speed control, forward or reverse. The box is non-vented to eliminate problems caused by dust.


RAM (AA61)

Ram handpiece

This handpiece is also suitable for other Japanese type control units, i.e. MT35, UP400 and all types of Royal and early Schick brush motors.  Also available: leads (AA62), chucks (AA63), carbons brushes (sets of two) (AA64) and bearings. (AA65)

Marathon Induction brushless (AA66)

Marathon induction casting machine

Unit can be used as bench, knee or foot control. 0-50,000 rpm. Very reliable. Very competitively priced. (AA62)

K9 brushes and collets always in stock