Polishing Machines & Units

Silfradent twin speed polishing lathe (AA76)

1425 rpm and 2850 rpm. Very robust, smooth and runs very cool. Extremely quiet in operation.

Spare brush chucks available for Silfradent/Berry/Gryphon/Rayway and others (AA77)

Wheel chucks available for Silfradent (AA78)

Wheel chucks to fit Beryl, Gryphon etc (AA79)


OMEC bench top unit complete with lathe (AA80)

Gamberini polishing unit

This unit is constructed throughout in stainless steel and aluminium. It has extremely powerful extraction and is fitted with halogen lighting and rubber troughs. A very robust unit that comes complete with lathe. (AA77)


Type 355 Polishing Cabinet






Type 355 Polishing cabinet complete with lathe (AA93)