Processing Units

Procure process unit (AA82)

Procure processing unit

2 Stage. Will accommodate 18 flasks. Unit made of stainless steel. CE approved

Paco MultiCure Wet Curing Bath (AA83)

Paco MultiCure

This bath holds up to 3 x 5 flask clamps and can be pre-programmed depending on the type of acrylic used. It can be timed to work overnight or on a fast-cure cycle.

Processing unit dry heat Ditton (AA84)

Ditton processing unit

The Ditton automatic dry heat processor is designed to cure all thicknesses of acrylic resin without causing porosity, strain or distortion. The slow temperature rise produces long polymer chains giving added strength to boil off excess monomer. The controlling switch is programmed to cure up to 12 flasks each night without resetting. quick curing acrylics in lightweight flasks can be processed in about 2 hours. CE approved. (AA80)