Silfradent Easy Sand (AA87)

Double microblaster with pneumatic foot control and extractor port.

Simed Prima (AA88)

Simed Prima sandblaster

Heavy duty recycling unit. Suitable for removal of investment.  It can also be used for jewellery repairs and manufacturing.

Simed Sandimat (AA89)

Simed Sandimat sandblaster

Fully automatic unit, with rotating basket and built in extraction. Suitable for chrome work - will accommodate 6-8 skeletons.  The Sandimat can also be used for jewellery manufacturing and repairs.
Spare nozzles available (AA90) and all other spares stocked.

Simed  Microjet 2/s (AA13)


This is supplied with 2 microblasters and a recycling sandblaster. The pencil blaster is available with a choice of 50 or 110 micron nozzles, and the main recycling unit is fitted with a 250 micron nozzle. It measures 38 x 57 x 43 and weighs 17kg.