Die Stones

Very high compressive strength and very low expansion.


Natural die stone. Suitable for use with all impression materials. We do not recommend the use of gypsum hardeners with this product.

• Setting time 12-15 minutes

• Compressive strength dry 18,000 PSI
Package 25 kg boxes expansion 00.09%

Available in peach (BB27) and green (BB28).

Articulating Stone (Mounting Stone)

This white mounting stone is a high strength, fast setting, and low expansion articulating stone. Originally designed for implant cases where a low expansion of articulating material is very much desired. It may also be used as a model stone when a rapid set is required. Available in white.

• Setting time 3-5 minutes.

• Compressive strength dry 9,000 PSI

• Expansion 00.09%

Minimal expansion:  25 kgs (BB31)

Apex RZ10

This tan die stone is resin reinforced and perfect for all crown and bridge techniques as well as implants or precision attachment cases. Resin additives eliminate brittleness and add superior external hardness.

• Setting time - 10-13 minutes

• Compressive strength dry 19,000 PSI

• Package 25 kg box expansion 00.10% (BB32)


Exhibits the strength and accuracy of a quality stone plus special additives to give a brilliant white colour. A product of choice for those specialising in orthodontics. Available in 25 kg boxes

• Expansion 00.12%

• Compressive strength dry 9,000 PSI

• Super white (BB33)