Silugine 90 Extra Hard and Silugine 92 super Extra Hard

Silugine 90 supplied with a syringe paste catalyst for flexibility. Available in 5 kilo drums with four syringe catalysts. (BB52)

Silugine 92 available in 10 kilo drums and supplied with eight syringe catalysts. (BB33)

Syringe catalysts also available separately in packs of two. (BB53)

Replisil 22N (BB54)

Dupliating silicone - normal setting. Two components of 930 ml each. Shore A22.

6kg and 25kg packs available on request.

Replisil 32N (BB55)

Duplicating Silicone. Normal setting  - shore A32. Components A & B - 930ml each.

6kg and 25kg packs also available on request.