Diamonds Sintered


Probably the best sintered diamonds available today made from the General Electric base material. These diamonds are very hard wearing and last much longer than conventional diamonds. They are much more environmentally friendly giving off far less dust than lumina material. These sintered diamonds are suitable or use with semi-precious, non precious, cobalt chrome and porcelain and are non-contaminatory.

All these instruments can be used with confidence on precious, semi-precious and non-precious alloys without any fear of contamination.

2368-031 – small barrel – Yellow – Fine, code no CC22.


Tapered round headed point: 2369-031

Available as coarse (black CC45), medium (green CC44) and fine (yellow CC43)

Tapered point small (yellow - fine): 2371-031 (CC46)

Tapered point large: 2571-050

Available as coarse (black CC48) and medium (green CC47)

extra Large barrel (green - medium): 2574-50 (CC49)

Extra large barrel: 2574-050L (black coarse) (CC50)

Flat tapered point: 2363-031 (yellow fine) CC42


Tapered barrel: 2575-050, available as medium green (CC51) and coarse black (CC52)